Video surveillance made easy

Managing just a few video cameras is not easy, if you do not work within the area as a professional. Managing many cameras - maybe on different addresses, or even in different countries - is a very difficult task.

It has been our focus to develop a high-end but low-cost solution that is easy to install and manage.

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Video surveillance made easy

Managing just a few video cameras is not easy, if you do not work within the area as a professional. Managing many cameras - maybe on different addresses, or even in different countries - is a very difficult task.

Video solutions has become as vital part of a doing business, and the camera portfolio becomes a vital part of the daily life too. You need to make sure that it all works properly 24/7/365. Do you know how to optimize the picture quality? Or how to manage and optimize the bandwidth usage from every single camera? And do you know, if one of your cameras is not working as intended?

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We Claim to be far Better and much Cheaper

Get a high-end video surveillance solution including software and feature options. Operated from world leading datacenters to deliver a flexible, low-cost and secure video surveillance platform. We take responsibility for the platform to make it work seamlessly for you.

The OcuCloud Box is the only item installed locally on you premises - a very small unit and simple plug and play box for safe camera connection to the cloud. The video stream goes directly to a secured cloud server via encrypted data lines. Access cameras and recordings from computers, tablets and smartphones. Theft, vandalism or fire cannot remove recorded video stream as it is uploaded to the cloud solution.

We take care of and manage the platform. Highest security such as encrypted data and traffic, always updated software and servers, top-secured data centers, and meeting GDPR demands.

No longer need for large upfront investments in NVRs, servers, storage, software and maintenance. And no need to worry about any security issues coming from that. Most existing installations has a good chance to upgrade with only a small investment, as +10,000 existing camera models are supported. So why not modernize your solution? As dedicated cloud supplier we will always strive to develop new services for you, as this is our core business.

About OcuCloud

Made easy for you

  • High end - Low cost solution

  • Plug and Play

  • User friendly

  • Market leading video management software

  • Use from app or web browser on any device

Professionel VMS is included

We have built the OcuCloud solution on AxxonNext by AxxonSoft - a world leading developer of intelligent VMS software. Since 2003 AxxonSoft has licensed more than 2.5 million video channels and has +500 employees.

Unique services

Take advantage of the OcuCloud Optimizer and the Device Monitoring features designed to help you to manage your portfolio of cameras and to keep them in the best possible condition.

  • Optimizing the bandwidth used by every single camera, to deliver best possible image quality

  • Monitoring the camera surroundings by letting you know, when and where to act to get best possible images

  • Handle all the setting on your cameras to deliver the best possible standard

  • Device Monitoring to control if your cameras delivers a video stream.

And much more...

No need for hardware, servers or NVR`s

Ocucloud infrastructure means you can scale up or down as your needs develop – with instant deployment

Access through app, web client – no need to install anything

Access your live stream, archive recording anywhere on any device at anytime

Included – motion detection, 3 days recording, edge storage, ONVIF support and much, much more….
Premium prioritized support – alerts on email, sms and phone
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Enterprise ready

Dedicated server, shared server or even express route and LDAP authentication

No limits to number of cameras, global datacenters, managed and supervised system
Easy installation

5 minutes, a few clicks and... done. You will be surprised at how easy it is.

Easy to use and customize

No need for knowledge about IT or video surveillance experience. It is all setup for you – so you can sit back and relax

...and even more, you dont have to worry about

We are concerned about security

We protect your data and your privacy 

OcuCloud International ApS is a Danish owned and based company. Our solutions are designed and developed in Denmark.

Our legal terms state that any matter will be handled according to Danish Law.

This protects your data and privacy.

OcuCloud International ApS does not cooperate with any authorities - Danish or foreign - and we do not harvest customer data to benefit from these.  

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