Video surveillance made easy

Probably the best and most flexible subscription solution in video surveillance

Video surveillance made <span class="f_700">easy</span>
  • Probably the best and most flexible subscription solution in video surveillance 
  • Much cheaper and much more secure than local solutions 
  • Including highend video software from AxxonSoft 
  • Support customers in securing and documenting GDPR compliance 
  • Encrypted data stream to top-secured and sustainable datacenters at Microsoft and Amazon
  • Removes all it-complexity 
  • Cameras can always and easily be added, replaced or terminated
  • Supports 4G and 5G solutions  
  • It’s as simple as this, We deliver the worlds best
  • Video Surveillance Platform as a Service – VSPaaS
  • Video Surveillance as a Service – VSaaS
  • Available through leading resellers 

We Claim to be far Better and much Cheaper

Get a high-end video surveillance solution including software and feature options.

Operated from world leading data centers to deliver a flexible, low-cost and secure video surveillance platform. 

The video stream goes directly to a secured cloud server via encrypted data lines.

Access cameras and recordings from computers, tablets and smartphones.

Theft, vandalism or fire cannot remove recorded video stream as it is uploaded to the cloud solution.

Live webinar

Bring your questions and get answers from Ocucloud experts

Video Analytics

Video detection tools

Smart video detection tools process camera video and identify events that match certain criteria.

Forensic search

Our system for smart search in video archives allows quickly finding archived video that matches custom criteria

People counting

The people counting detection tool counts the number of people who go from a certain area to another and back again.

Queue management

The queue length detection tool counts the number of people standing in view of a video camera that is aimed at a customer queuing area.

Heat Map

The Heat Map tool allows determining where visitors stop and measuring their linger time in areas of interest.

Edge analytics

We supports video detectors embedded in IP cameras and can work with specialized video analysis hardware.

OcuCloud is based on AxxonSoft’s AI Analytics

OcuCloud is based on AxxonSoft’s AI Analytics

Video analysis applications pave the way for proactive surveillance, which helps your security staff protect property by detecting and deterring crime. Applications can detect humans/vehicles, fire/smoke, or abnormal behavior/conditions and automatically notify security staff.

+10,000 camera models supported​ including

Video compression algorithms supported

We are concerned about security

We protect your data and your privacy

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