Video surveillance from the future

The best and most flexible subscription solution for video surveillance.

Surveillance for all industries.

Regardless of the industry you represent, I.V.O is likely to be a good fit for you.

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There’s not just one good reason to switch to I.V.O – there are many. Less hassle and more value. You save trouble, and your customer saves money.

Customer case with Lars Romsøe from H. Daugaard.

Intelligent videoovervågning

I.V.O - Surveillance without worries, hassle, and trouble.

I.V.O stands for Intelligent Video Surveillance.

In simple terms, it aims to reduce costs, increase security, make it easier to find the recordings you need, and future-proof your cameras. If you think it sounds too good to be true, we must disappoint you. Because the truth is, you save money by switching to I.V.O.

Lower expenses. Better security.

Our I.V.O box sends all recordings directly to the cloud, where they are both secure and easy to access – on encrypted and highly secure servers in world-leading data centers. Data is stored, simplifying GDPR documentation.

Danish-made. Danish quality.

I.V.O is developed and designed in Denmark. The same goes for our management software, which ensures flexibility and security for our customers.

It's better, it's cheaper, it's safer.

The I.V.O system makes your current cameras future-proof and replaces your power-hungry IT equipment with an I.V.O box.

One box fits all

Intelligent video surveillance for all industries. No matter which industry you represent, I.V.O is likely to suit your needs. And the best part is that you can leave the responsibility to your dealer. No more hassle and trouble.

Municipalities and Institutions






Banking and Finance

“I am happy and proud to say that we have a 100% cloud-based solution for video surveillance. The I.V.O solution has meant that since day one, we have had significant savings, and the benefits only increase with the number of locations.”

– Lars Romsøe, Global IT-manager, H. Daugaard

Become an I.V.O Merchant

The I.V.O. subscription solution is only available through our authorized dealers.

In close cooperation with our dealers, we ensure that customers always get the best solution.

Switching to I.V.O. is easy, and we support more than 10,000 camera models.

We turn off your existing recorder or server but reuse your cameras.

I.V.O. has a unique approach and delivers the most flexible and advanced cloud solution.

Our solution was the world’s first. To our knowledge, I.V.O. is still the only system built to operate in the public cloud and support +10,000 different camera models.

Video surveillance made intelligent.

Video analysis applications pave the way for proactive surveillance, which both prevents crime and helps you detect crimes.

In its simplicity, it is about replacing your expensive, power-hungry server with a small box that sends the recordings directly to the cloud, where they are both secure and easy to access. In the cloud, a video management system is installed, configured individually based on your needs and preferences. The system also future-proofs your current cameras.