Security with Surveillance

Safety is crucial for any business, regardless of its size or industry. When it comes to protecting your business assets and ensuring the continuity of your operations, surveillance cameras and theft prevention are indispensable tools. By implementing these security measures, you can create a secure and safe environment for your employees, safeguard your assets, and reduce the risk of break-ins and theft.

Surveillance cameras play a central role in your company’s security strategy. By strategically placing the cameras in and around your business, you can monitor key areas such as entrances, parking lots, storage facilities, and production areas. The visible presence of surveillance cameras alone can deter potential burglars and create an atmosphere of increased security.

With advanced technology and real-time monitoring, surveillance cameras allow you to keep a watchful eye on your business 24/7.

To maximize security, you can complement your surveillance cameras with other theft prevention technologies and security measures. This can include alarm systems, access control systems, motion sensors, and intelligent lighting. By integrating these various components, you can create a comprehensive and effective security solution tailored to your specific business needs.

When you invest in surveillance cameras and theft prevention for your business, you are also investing in peace of mind and protection for your business interests. You can reduce the risk of break-ins, theft, and unauthorized access while maintaining a productive and secure workplace. By prioritizing security, you also demonstrate to your employees and customers that you care about their well-being and assets.

So whether you run a retail store, an office, a warehouse, or any other type of business, surveillance cameras and theft prevention should be an integral part of your security strategy. By doing so, you can protect your business, minimize risks, and maintain a safe and secure workplace.

One box fits all

Intelligent video surveillance for all industries. Regardless of the industry you represent, I.V.O is likely to suit you very well. And the best part is that you can entrust the responsibility to your dealer. No more hassle and trouble.

Municipalities and Institutions






Banking and Finance

I.V.O by Ocucloud

I.V.O is an abbreviation for intelligent video surveillance.

This innovative device is designed to give you full control over your surveillance cameras and ensure that your video recordings are stored securely and confidentially. With the I.V.O box, you don’t have to worry about complex network configurations or potential security risks, as it provides a seamless and secure connection between your cameras and cloud-based storage.

The I.V.O box is a compact and user-friendly device that can be easily installed in your local environment. By connecting your surveillance cameras to the I.V.O box, the encrypted data connection is activated, ensuring that all your video recordings are sent directly to a secure cloud. This means you don’t have to worry about maintaining and managing local storage space or fear data loss due to physical damage or unauthorized access.

With the I.V.O box, you achieve simplicity and convenience as it automates the entire process of transferring and storing your video recordings. You can rest assured that your data is protected from loss or destruction thanks to the advanced encryption protocol that ensures only authorized parties have access to your recordings.

Furthermore, the I.V.O box allows you to maintain full control over who has access to your data, and you can manage permissions and rights according to your specific needs and security policies.

By choosing the I.V.O box as part of your surveillance solution, you ensure the best possible protection for your data. You can enjoy the advantageous combination of convenient local installation and secure cloud-based storage, giving you the flexibility to access your video recordings from any device, anywhere, and anytime. With the I.V.O box, you can preserve the confidentiality of your recordings and achieve a higher level of data security in your surveillance system.

Overall, the I.V.O box is the ideal solution to ensure a seamless and secure transfer of your video recordings to the cloud. With its user-friendly interface, robust security features, and flexible administration options, you can have full confidence that your data is protected and accessible when you need it. Choose the I.V.O box for the ultimate protection of your recordings and a hassle-free experience with your surveillance solution.

The benefits of choosing I.V.O.

Flexible and Scalable

  • Easy expansion with new cameras
  • Expand storage in seconds
  • Automatic updating and patching
  • Support for +10,000 camera models

Online Support and Operational Monitoring

  • 24/7 operational monitoring
  • Active alarms on server and connection
  • Fast and professional support

Central management

  • All locations and installations in one comprehensive overview.
  • Access your solution from anywhere via mobile app, client, or advanced web interface.
  • User rights management for GDPR documentation.

Unique Advantages

  • Easy clip export
  • Blurring of faces during export
  • Simple search
  • Controlled access for third parties

Automation and Integration

  • New installation and connection available in under 5 minutes
  • World-leading data centers (Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services)


Features and technology that protect your solution from unauthorized access, safeguard against:

  • Access
  • Data breaches
  • Operational disruptions

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