What does video surveillance cost?

In 2019, there were 1,500,000 video cameras in Denmark. Our calculations show that it should cost owners approximately DKK 3.75 billion annually to manage the operation of these cameras. Converted, that’s DKK 2,500 per video camera per year. Many of the costs are unknown to decision-makers.

The market expects significant growth. A conservative projection with 12% annual growth would mean 4,560,000 cameras in 2028 and a corresponding increase in operating costs.

All of these video cameras are installed with local IT equipment. This is the crucial element for the very high operating costs. Local installations consume a lot of power, are expensive to operate, make IT security difficult to control, and compliance with GDPR rules is challenging. It’s often associated with a lot of hassle when, for example, you need to use a clip from the video recordings.

Are you familiar with these challenges in your video surveillance?

Let’s have a conversation about the possibilities with I.V.O – perhaps we can help your video surveillance cameras in the cloud.

Flexible and scalable

  • Easy to expand with new cameras
  • Expand storage in seconds
  • Updates and patching happen automatically
  • Support for +10,000 camera models

Online support and operational monitoring

  • 24/7 operational monitoring
  • Active alarms on server and connection
  • Fast and professional support

Central management

  • All locations and installations in one consolidated overview.
  • Access your solution from anywhere via a mobile app, client, or advanced web interface.
  • User rights management for GDPR documentation.

Unique Advantages

  • Easy clip export
  • Blurring of faces during export
  • Simple search
  • Controlled access for third parties

Automation and integration

  • New installation and connection available in under 5 minutes
  • World-leading data centers (Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services)


Features and technology that protect your solution from unauthorized access, safeguard against:

  • Access
  • Data breaches
  • Operational disruptions

The technology continues to learn automatically while performing these tasks through machine learning to continually improve your system’s performance.