Car dealer CUPRA SEAT

For a car dealer, it’s an important element to secure the assets they are responsible for – both externally and internally.

CUPRA SEAT Birkerød is co-owned by several car dealerships. Through this consortium, they have acquired knowledge and insights into the video surveillance solutions used and offered in the market. By examining the existing video surveillance solutions at colleagues’ other locations, they could see solutions with expensive locally purchased hardware, software, high power consumption, and many maintenance costs. CUPRA SEAT wanted to change this.

They began to look for a new and smarter video surveillance solution, and their choice fell on I.V.O.

Ocucloud could offer an innovative cloud platform and management for video surveillance, which was also better equipped to support the business.

Customer testimonial by Frederik Johansen from SEAT Cupra

“For us, the customer is at the center, and it is therefore important that customers always have a good experience in our business.”

– Frederik Johansen, Owner

CUPRA SEAT`s challenges

CUPRA SEAT focuses on selling and servicing cars. Therefore, they have a significant need to ensure the security of their own and their customers’ assets – both outside and inside the dealership. Since they cannot always be present, it is important for them to easily access video recordings. Furthermore, it serves as security and documentation for when any damage may occur to a customer’s vehicle.

Common video surveillance solutions among their colleagues were characterized by local servers with high power consumption and numerous ongoing service, support, and maintenance tasks. These solutions were also not centrally managed for use across multiple locations. Since they did not have the expertise to operate, maintain, and update their video platform themselves, they would be reliant on external resources for this.

Given these considerations, CUPRA SEAT had a clear ambition to gain complete visibility and access to their entire video infrastructure. Their security needs made it necessary to have an infrastructure that is always up-to-date and reliable.

They had the following requirements:

  • Full overview and central management
  • Perimeter security and documentation needs
  • High-security level

The Solution

OcuCloud showed CUPRA SEAT a solution that removed all hardware from their server room, including screens. The solution is continuously updated and in operation through Microsoft Azure Cloud. Therefore, CUPRA SEAT does not need to have its own or permanently attached resources with knowledge and expertise in this area. Instead, they got a solution that is constantly updated and secure.

The implementation of the OcuCloud solution also met the requirements for perimeter security and documentation. The possibility to expand the use, for example, by using license plate recognition with standard cameras, now allows the workshop and sales department to put their customers at the center during visits.


As a result, CUPRA Seat now has a solution with:

  • Continuous updating and future-proofing
  • Implementation and design of additional features
  • Full perimeter security and documentation

The Result

With I.V.O as the platform, CUPRA SEAT has nearly eliminated all local hardware and acquired a future-proof video platform.

They have achieved a high level of security and can continuously monitor the system’s uptime and receive alerts from equipment that may lose connection. At the same time, they have the ability to expand their video platform and access features that support their business, such as license plate recognition and facial recognition.

CUPRA SEAT has also gained full control over users and access to support GDPR documentation on a future-proof video platform that is always updated and maintained, and this state will continue as long as the solution is in operation.

Technical description

CUPRA SEAT’s transition to cloud video surveillance with I.V.O ensures secure operations through Microsoft Azure data centers using one of the world’s leading software suites for video surveillance, AxxonNext. In addition, there is continuous updating of both server infrastructure, security, and video software, all managed and monitored through the I.V.O management portal.

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