LT Group

Locations with missing or difficult internet access – LT Group consists of five departments, which specialize in construction work, stone and gravel hauling, asphalt, plumbing work, and machinery rental since 2004.

“We are an organization that focuses on delivering quality solutions to our customers.”

With LT Group’s increasing involvement as a total-construction supplier in projects, including construction sites, the need to secure equipment at their sites has also grown.

A construction site process is often lengthy and dynamic, evolving through different stages. The I.V.O solution allows for starting with a few security cameras and later easily expanding both in terms of the number and capacity. The same applies to adding new features like license plate recognition later in the process, where many different stakeholders need access to the construction sites. Due to its high flexibility, the solution can also be reused when establishing new construction sites, providing secure access for relevant employees as well as third parties such as the police.

"Video surveillance is a part of our security setup on construction sites, where scenarios can change rapidly. Therefore, it's essential for us to have a platform that allows us to scale up and down quickly and simply, while always having the latest technology available. The flexibility of the solution allows us to reuse it on a new construction site, and we can easily generate time-lapse videos to document the ongoing process, which is also a great marketing tool for us."

– LT Group

Ocucloud has developed I.V.O, which utilizes the latest cloud-based Vsaas alongside existing video surveillance. And this is just one example of what I.V.O can offer in terms of groundbreaking services using cloud technologies.

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