H. Daugaard

The Danish logistics company H. Daugaard had specific requirements for their video surveillance solution and how it should support their business.

With more than 100 years of existence as a transport and logistics company, H. Daugaard – Customized Logistics has experienced many changing demands and conditions. With its extensive experience, strong concepts, and central locations, H. Daugaard has succeeded in solving diverse transport and logistics tasks for its many customers. All national and international logistics tasks are carried out in close collaboration with their companies Dauczech in the Czech Republic and Daulux in Luxembourg, as well as all their Danish branches.

"I'm happy to brag about having a 100% cloud-based video surveillance solution up and running now."

– Lars Romsøe, Global IT-manager

H. Daugaards challenges

The choice to move IT tasks to cloud solutions has been made by most companies today, and H. Daugaard has made that choice as well. The harbor areas around Vejle and Kolding are not optimal places to establish or operate data centers.

Requirements for flexibility, a lack of local IT expertise and resources, as well as the desire for the highest security, have contributed to this decision. In addition, there was a need to have an IT infrastructure that meets modern requirements for redundancy, emergency power, cooling, etc. To gain full visibility and access to their video surveillance, it also made sense for H. Daugaard to look for a true cloud solution for video surveillance and establish this infrastructure in the cloud.

The video solution that supports H. Daugaard’s cloud strategy

As video surveillance became increasingly important for H. Daugaard, the need for modernization arose: “We have 5 Danish and 2 foreign locations, many transporters and partners. Many customers request information where video surveillance really helps us. But we didn’t have a consolidated solution for video surveillance. The old solution with local equipment cost too much to maintain – both in terms of service and operation. When I heard about I.V.O from ocucloud, it was the first time I saw a true cloud solution for video surveillance,” says Lars Romsøe and continues, “And the savings in power alone were so significant that the decision also made sense from an economic standpoint.” The choice was I.V.O. IT manager Lars Romsøe explains the choice. “We have chosen to move as much as possible to cloud-based solutions. It is the safest way for us to support our business with our limited IT resources. That’s why we have that strategy now.” When asked about the background for the decision to choose I.V.O, Lars Romsøe replied, “I had explored the options in the market and found only expensive solutions – all requiring local servers. They were not true cloud solutions. We don’t have the resources to keep it in the air.

I wanted a true cloud solution where we could adjust important parameters. I.V.O gives us an immediate overview through our management portal with the ability to access each location to stream from the cloud and the ability to scale up and down. So the decision wasn’t very difficult. Just being able to adjust storage for our recordings on an ongoing basis is interesting to us. And now we completely eliminate the need to have expensive equipment on-site. Savings in power consumption, operation, support, and external consultants are significant. And the implementation took place continuously without downtime.”

The Result

H. Daugaard has now implemented an infrastructure for video surveillance that supports the business going forward. They have a management platform from which they can control, support, and access all their locations. This creates a total overview of uptime, infrastructure resource consumption for servers and storage. H. Daugaard also achieved the ability to have an overview of user access to support GDPR documentation – all on a future-proof platform that is always updated and maintained, and will continue to be as long as the solution is running. The fact that the solution also reduces operating costs is just an additional benefit for H. Daugaard.

The migration to I.V.O consisted of designing to gather the overview from all locations in Azure, so that all access and stakeholders can be identified in relation to GDPR compliance through I.V.O.

H. Daugaard was able to remove all their local hardware equipment and replace them with I.V.O’s gateways, thereby migrating their video platform to the cloud. The full migration also moved cameras to AxxonNext servers in the cloud and set them up in Microsoft Azure with 24/7 monitoring and server replication.

“I’m proud to say that I have a 100% cloud-based video surveillance solution in operation now,” concludes Lars Romsøe.

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