Ni’Mat Massage & Spa

Ni’mat Spa offers world-class massage and wellness based on Asian traditions. Ni’mat Spa has been in existence since 2001 and is the oldest spa in Copenhagen. There are two branches of Ni’mat Spa in the capital area.

With its central location in Copenhagen, close to Nørreport, Ni’Mat offers its guests a convenient, comfortable, and safe place to visit. As soon as you step through the door, you’ll feel an unspoiled calmness, soft tones, and relaxing scents welcoming you, and at the reception, you’ll be greeted by the hostess.

When the existing video surveillance system needed replacement, Ni’Mat wanted to find a modern and continuously updated solution. They chose I.V.O for this purpose.

"The old solution with a local recorder couldn't deliver what we wanted. For example, we couldn't access it remotely, and some cameras needed replacement. To avoid facing a similar problem in a few years, we chose I.V.O. With I.V.O, we got a flexible agreement with ongoing payment per camera and could reuse our best cameras. Having access to live images and quickly retrieving recordings is a significant advantage. Plus, we didn't end up with an investment that quickly becomes outdated. Now, our solution is much more secure and flexible for us."

– Christian Østerby Andersen, Ni’Mat

LT Group

Locations with missing or difficult internet access - LT Group consists of five departments, which specialize in construction work, stone and gravel hauling, asphalt, plumbing work, and machinery rent...

Car dealer CUPRA SEAT

For a car dealer, it's an important element to secure the assets they are responsible for - both externally and internally.

H. Daugaard

The Danish logistics company H. Daugaard had specific requirements for their video surveillance solution and how it should support their business.